Jaap Kruithof

Jaap Kruithof (circa 2001) Jaap Kruithof (Berchem, 13 December 1929 - Boechout, 25 February 2009) was a Belgian philosopher and writer. His parents were Dutch Protestants. He took degrees in history, law and philosophy in Ghent, and in Paris. Then he earned a Ph.D. on Hegel's ontology, ''with honours''. Since the 1960s he was, along with Etienne Vermeersch and Leo Apostel, one of the icons of the Ghent University and the Flemish intelligentsia in general. He was also a musician (organist) and taught the sociology of music at the Royal Music Conservatory in Antwerp.

Throughout his life, Kruithof was an unflinching debunker of capitalism; ideologically, he sympathised with revolutionary socialism, humanitarian movements and ecocentrism. Provided by Wikipedia