Marcel Déat

Marcel Déat Marcel Déat (7 March 1894 – 5 January 1955) was a French politician. Initially a socialist and a member of the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO), he led a breakaway group of right-wing 'Neosocialists' out of the SFIO in 1933. During the occupation of France by Nazi Germany, he founded the collaborationist National Popular Rally (RNP). In 1944, he became Minister of Labour and National Solidarity in Pierre Laval's government in Vichy, before escaping to the Sigmaringen enclave along with Vichy officials after the Allied landings in Normandy. Condemned ''in absentia'' for collaborationism, he died while still in hiding in Italy. Provided by Wikipedia
Collectie Vrijzinnige Werkmansbibliotheek By Montagnon, B., Marquet, Adrien, Bonnafous, Max, Déat, Marcel
Date 1933