Henk Sneevliet

Henk Sneevliet Hendricus Josephus Franciscus Marie Sneevliet, known as Henk Sneevliet or by the ''pseudonym'' "Maring" (13 May 1883 – 13 April 1942), was a Dutch communist politician who was active in both the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies. As a functionary of the Communist International, Sneevliet guided the formation of both the Communist Party of Indonesia in 1914, and the Chinese Communist Party in 1921. In his native country, he was the founder, chairman, and only Representative for the Revolutionary Socialist (Workers') Party (RSP/RSAP). He took part in the Communist resistance against the occupation of the Netherlands during World War II by Nazi Germany, for which he was executed by the Germans in April 1942. Provided by Wikipedia
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    Zorgvuldige en zeer goed geannoteerde uitgave van de 25jaar lang durende politieke correspondentie tussen de schrijfster (1869-1952) en de ...

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    By Roland Holst-van der Schalk, Henriëtte, Sneevliet, Henk, Markus, Nico, Tichelman, Fritjof
    Date 1995
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