Paul Struye

Paul Victor Antoine Struye (1 September 1896 – 16 February 1974) was a Belgian lawyer, politician, and journalist, notable for his writings during World War II. A native of Ghent, Struye served in the Belgian Army during World War I. He qualified as a lawyer in the years after the war and also worked as a journalist at the Catholic newspaper ''La Libre Belgique''. A royalist and patriot, Struye was soon attracted to the Belgian resistance during World War II and was influential once ''La Libre Belgique'' became an underground newspaper. His diary of life under occupation and writings on public opinion are important historical sources on the period. After the war, Struye entered politics in the Christian Social Party as a senator and held the portfolio of Minister of Justice (1947-1948). He subsequently held the post of President of the Senate on two occasions. Provided by Wikipedia
Overdruk uit 'La Revue Générale Belge', mei 1952 By Struye, Paul
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Date 1953
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Date 1955
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Date 1947