Jan Versluys

Siboga Expedition group in the laboratory (Versluys at far right). Jan Versluys (1 September 1873 in Groningen – 22 January 1939 in Vienna) was a Dutch zoologist.

He studied biology at the University of Amsterdam, and afterwards participated on a scientific voyage to the Caribbean aboard the vessel ''Chazalie''. In 1898 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Giessen, then in 1899/1900 served as an assistant to Max Carl Wilhelm Weber on the Siboga Expedition to the Netherlands East Indies. As a result of the mission, he published a monograph on Gorgonians, titled "''Die Gorgoniden der Siboga-Expedition''". Later on in his career, he worked as a professor of zoology at the universities of Ghent (from 1916) and Vienna (from 1925). Versluys is known to have corresponded with, and had visited American paleontologist Barnum Brown in 1904.

Taxa with the epithet of ''versluysi'' commemorate his name, an example being the amphipod subspecies ''Niphargus longicaudatus versluysi''. Provided by Wikipedia
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