Philippe Corcuff

Philippe Corcuff Philippe Corcuff, born in 1960, is a French academic, lecturer in political science at the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon since October 1992 and member of the CERLIS laboratory (Centre de Recherche sur les Liens Sociaux, Université Paris Descartes / CNRS) since October 2003. Politically committed to the left, he defines himself as an “anti-globalization and libertarian activist”.

Sociologically speaking, he had started in study with a socio-ethnographic approach, within the scope of his thesis, the building of social groups, through railroaderstrade unionism and, wider, the workers' movement. He offers then a reading of the Pierre Bourdieu’s critical sociology, emphasizing on the “post-marxist” aspect of his social criticism, while pointing several contradictions and inconsistencies out (in the treatment of the plurality of social referents working on each individual, in the overevaluation of the weight of the dominations and in the underevaluation of the dominated’s capacity to resist, etc.). He made this very especially in the book ''Bourdieu Autrement'' (non-translated, in English : “Bourdieu, differently”). Provided by Wikipedia
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Date 2003
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